08Al forgings-mechanical properties-Chemical composition -08al forgings Encyclopedia
- Feb 22, 2018 -


Material Name: High quality carbon structural steel

Brand: 08Al

Standard: GB/t 5213-1985

Characteristics and scope of application:

Al Deoxidation is a high-quality carbon structural steel, for thickness 0.8~3.0mm deep stamping low carbon cold-rolled thin steel plate. Compared with ordinary cold-rolled sheet steel, it has better comprehensive mechanical properties and formability. Widely used in a variety of vehicles in the shape of complex deep stamping parts. such as car, tractor body, cab, engine shell, such as not withstanding the load of various stamping parts.

Chemical composition:

Carbon C: ≤0.08

Silicon si: Traces

Manganese mn:0.30~0.45

Sulfur S: ≤0.030

Phosphorus p: ≤0.020

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength Σb (MPa): 255~324

Yield Strength Σs (MPa): ≤196

Elongation δ5 (%): ≥44

Hardness: ≤44HB

Specimen size: sample

Heat treatment Specification and metallographic structure:

Specification for heat treatment: cold rolling.

Metallographic structure: Free cementite A column 1~1.5 stage, grain degree 7~8 grade.

Delivery status: With no heat treatment or heat treatment (annealing, normalizing or high-temperature tempering) the state of delivery. The requirements for the delivery of heat treatment should be stated in the contract, and not indicated by the heat treatment of the delivery.