2018 Asia International power transmission and control technology exhibition
- Jan 24, 2018 -

International event for mechanical and electrical transmission, fluid transmission and control, mechanical parts, springs, bearings

Time: November 6, 2018-November 9

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai)

Exhibitor Contact: Wu Yunhui (Mr.) 15900551473 business qq:196207889

Organizer: China hydraulic pneumatic seals Industry Association

China Machinery General Parts Industry Association

Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Germany Hannover Exhibition Co., Ltd.

As the most important display window of power transmission and control technology, PTC ASIA2018 attracts and brings together international famous enterprises, innovative small and medium enterprises, start-up enterprises and more than 90,000 professional audiences from more than 70 countries.

Since the first hosting in 1991, PTC Asia from every two years to a year, the exhibition area, exhibits constantly expand, professional audience multiplied, greatly promoting the power transmission and control technology Market international exchange and trade market development. The exhibition not only provides opportunities for many international brands to enter China and Asian markets, but also brings the perfect platform for global sourcing in China market.

2017, attracted more than 1500 well-known enterprises at home and abroad to showcase sophisticated products and technology, exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, a four-day exhibition cumulative professional audience of 98742 people, PTC Asia is the first, the world's second largest international professional event. 2018, the exhibition will open 6 pavilions, the continuation of the German Hannover Gong Bo "Large industrial Platform" mode, for you to open the "China Intelligent Wisdom made 2025" door!

Renowned exhibitors:

Fluid Power: Bosch Rexroth, Eaton, Hannifin Fen, Hodek, Stauff, Harvey, Sofima, Park Permco, Gates, NPC, Ktr, Athos, Scotting field, oil research, Moog, Hanseatic-Follecos, Brevini, DAIKIN, Kawasaki, Staubli, Norman, Manuli, Balluff, Festo, SMC, Connaught Crown, CKD, small Kanai, New York Mai, Camozzi, Hal, Mattwock, Airtac Guest, Heng Tuo Gao, Miao de, Qi Li, long tuo, gold, neo-gong, NOK, Trinidad, SKF, German seal, Kastas, Sida, Yuci Hydraulic, Ward, Shanghai Electric, Dawn Hydraulic, Heithecker, Volkswagen Hydraulic, Shanghai lixin, Sheng Bang hydraulic, Zhenjiang hydraulic, Wuxi pneumatic, Avic power source, Shanghai new benefit, Ningbo sono, Ningbo Jia Ling, Guang Research Institute.

Mechanical transmission Force and electrical transmission: SEW, Siemens, ABB, Sumitomo, Pont, Nord, Lenze, EMAG, Nam Gao, Rebe, RI, West, Rorcy, Ai, Denamik, Quan, New Redevibland, Mei Tatsu, Ching, Mayer, Condren, Oriental Motors, Sanyo, Lexnor, Wangao, Watts, Skoma, Emerson, Hangzhou forward, Jay, China and Germany, biography, Wolff, Reynolds, Eviz, Diamond, Chun Ben, Dongbao, Gui AU, Donghua, permanent, universal, Opite, ContiTech, Harkinson, Gates, Green, Foshan, Hanshin, Kalehe, Haberst, Babeli, Shen, Feng, Mei; , Bashkai, three, Martin, Spirit Feida, open Day, Teckman, NBK, Rebesto, R+w, Oxford, Suffolk, American National machine, resistance to fall, excellent smear buckle, Peng Chi, Bollhoff, friends letter, anchor, set excellent, spring, Nova Vezon, superscript, Limao, Yiwen, Odako, BMW,Mu Bell, Goražde, the force of the Lark, Micro, Eurimek, Qianjiang, nuclear workers, nuclear power, shot, Jin Yuan hair, Junttan, Shi Min, golden Lion, Chinko, like tigers, omnipotent, three Tatsu, create, Jiang and so on.

Bearing: Schaeffler, SKF, T WB, UB C, GGB, N SK, Jtekt, PEER, IKO, people-oriented, Luoyang bearing group, new Sunrise Group, Klaunos, Ring Chi, Duck, Accor, Ronda, Venus, double fly, Changsheng, Wald, and so on.

Exhibits range:

1, Fluid Power: Hydraulic technology, pneumatic technology, sealing technology

2, mechanical transmission, parts and manufacturing equipment: gear transmission, chain drive, belt transmission, transmission link, spring, metallurgical products, all kinds of mechanical equipment and testing equipment

3, bearings: bearings and their bearing parts, bearing production and processing equipment, related equipment and accessories

4, Linear Motion system: Linear guide, Linear Motion drive element/system, Linear motion system, electric mechanical actuator, duplex motion system

5, Electrical Transmission: industrial motor, servo motor, inverter, driver, electromagnetic equipment

6, Service