2018 new development direction of forging machinery industry in China
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Green energy-saving and energy-saving emission reduction is a common topic all over the world, so the energy saving of forging press machinery is of great significance. Forging and forming needs to overcome the huge deformation resistance, the traditional ordinary presses are bulky and have high energy consumption. The electric servo presses for the forging machinery Energy saving brings the new Hope, the electric servo presses to except the flywheel, the clutch and the brake, the structure is greatly simplified, not only the slider movement characteristic can adjust arbitrarily, moreover the energy saving effect is obvious. At present, the electro-Servo direct-drive technology has been applied in many kinds of presses, such as screw presses, punching machines, hydraulic presses, cross wedge mills and bending machines.

In order to achieve efficient production purposes, forging machinery in developed countries has two development direction: first, the development of a higher speed, faster tempo forging presses, the second is the development of composite processing technology of forging machine tools, such as Germany, the United States, Japan has developed a laser punching compound machine, will die punching and laser cutting organically combined, Once the workpiece on the material can be completed punching, punching, flanging, shallow stretching, cutting and other multi-channel processes, to maximize the saving of auxiliary time, especially for the hole type of many and complex panel-type workpiece processing and many varieties of small batch of sheet metal processing.

In recent years, China's forging machinery volume forming equipment and sheet metal processing equipment parallel development, and machine tool industry similar, equipment upgrading, import substitution and export growth is China's forging machinery manufacturing industry development of an important engine. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools with high efficiency, high precision, machinable complex parts and so difficult, CNC machine tools to replace the general trend.

At present, the domestic forging industry to ordinary presses, equipment, the overall numerical control rate of less than 10%, far below the world average level, forging machinery industry is traditionally considered simple and extensive equipment, the use of the environment is far worse than other machine tools. Although there are a considerable number of high product levels, manufacturing fine casting equipment, forging equipment and even complete production lines, it is still difficult to change its entry threshold low, manufacturing extensive status quo.

From China's forging machinery equipment Industry development Prospects Forecast report of China's foundry and forging machinery industry still has a long range of basic specifications, but the middle and low product surplus, high-grade products lack of conditions.


Precision forging technology is one of the developing trend of forging technology in developed countries, using precision forging technology can improve product precision, reduce raw material consumption, improve die life, reduce processing waste crumbs, reduce energy consumption and reduce cost. To this end, the developed countries used a lot of precision forging machinery, such as servo presses. The production of forgings can achieve a high level of precision, the real realization of the near net forming.

High efficiency

High efficiency is the combination of high speed and compound, which improves the efficiency of processing. In order to achieve efficient production purposes.

Servo presses because of the simplification of mechanical transmission structure, with high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility, you can set and change the speed of the process, can realize the position, speed closed-loop control, to obtain arbitrary slider movement characteristics, but also to achieve energy saving and environmental protection effect, whether in metal stamping, or in forging forming, Servo presses have great advantages over traditional presses:

(1) Reduce the processing of finished products, such as wrinkles, breakage.

(2) reduces the mold damage, also reduces the mold maintenance and the repair times, thus enhances the mold life.

(3) with the traditional pressure machine can not do the plate forging, with servo press to achieve.

(4) The vibration and noise in processing are greatly reduced, which improves the bad working environment of the former stamping factory.

(5) Reduce the power loss, save energy consumption, improve economic efficiency.

(6) Without the wear problem of the clutch brake of the traditional press, the manpower, material and financial resources expended in this aspect of overhaul are saved.

(7) The traditional press in each die after the need to fine-tune the whole, time-consuming and laborious. The press which uses the servo control can produce the qualified products immediately after the die-changing.

(8) After the test die or mold replacement, mold adjustment used in the "inch dynamic operation mode" requires a higher operating skills, and servo presses do mold adjustment can be done every 1 times 0.01mm micro-operation, so that the adjustment of the mold operation becomes simple and convenient.

(9) It is impossible for the crankshaft of traditional press to change the running direction frequently, and the servo press can simply realize the positive and negative reversal of the micro-motion.