Aluminum tube acts as copper tube vigilant air conditioner installation worker Deceitful Act
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Recently, consumers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Mr. Zhao reflected that his home air-conditioning can not be refrigeration, inspection found that the installation of workers with cheap aluminum control cold tube instead of copper, to earn the difference. Last August, Mr. Zhao said, he bought a vertical air-conditioner at a well-known brand store in the local Dragon home appliance market, and the shopkeeper then sent workers to install it. "The number of air-conditioners was very low last year and no air-conditioning was found. Mr. Zhao said that the recent frequent use of air-conditioning, found that refrigeration abnormal. Mr. Zhao found a professional air-conditioning repair workers to find the problem in the connection between the outdoor and indoor air-conditioning refrigeration tube.

  Originally in accordance with the requirements, air-conditioning refrigeration tube must use copper tube, and in the copper pipe outsourcing insulation sleeve, but this air-conditioning, installation is aluminum control cold tube, so that can not refrigeration. Mr. Zhao recalls, copper tube and aluminum tube price difference is very big, the copper tube one meter needs 90 yuan, the aluminum tube one meter only needs more than 10 yuan, according to the total length 8 meters calculates, the worker earns about 600 yuan the difference. Mr. Zhao believes that the installation of workers sent by businessmen, such issues should be the responsibility of the merchant.

  But the businessman said that the worker had changed the material and that it belonged to his personal behavior, and that the worker had left at the end of last year.

  By the local business sector mediation, the two sides reached an agreement, by Mr. Zhao and the merchant each bear half the cost, reinstall copper Refrigeration pipe.

  Tip: Many tenants in the purchase of air-conditioning, the installation of the matter to the installation workers, in fact, to grasp a little relevant knowledge, you can avoid future use of trouble:

  First, outdoor machine and indoor machine distance of more than 3 meters to add refrigeration pipe and drainage pipe, see carefully add copper pipe and wire is used as the original air-conditioning products.

  Second, in the extension of refrigeration copper pipe will be used to extend the copper pipe welding in the original copper pipe, requiring workers to use silver welding electrodes, prohibit the use of copper welding electrodes.

  Third, the extension of the refrigeration copper pipe must be sealed with insulation package, and bandage wrapped around good. Four, with bandage winding refrigeration pipe and wire drainage pipe also pay attention to, to let workers Ann standard operation, if the winding too little, will cause rain along plastic tape into the house phenomenon.