Another innovation of high efficiency and energy-saving aluminum radiator
- Apr 29, 2018 -

 Building heating in building energy consumption occupies a large proportion, the use of appropriate heating methods can have a very good energy-saving effect. There are many ways to heat the building, but the heating system with hot water as the terminal is reliable and energy-saving, so it has been widely used in foreign countries for more than more than 100 years, and it has been in China for a long time, and has been the mainstream of heating mode.

    Other such as electric heating, gas heating, solar heating, heat pump air-conditioning heating and so on due to various conditions are limited to a small amount of use of the state. As a terminal heat exchanger, the heating radiator has no energy conversion and output, but transmits heat from the heat medium to the heating room. Therefore, there is no energy-saving indicator for the radiator itself. However, in terms of the whole life cycle of the radiator, there are energy saving factors in the process of production and use. In general, the greater the metal thermal strength of the radiator in the production of less metal materials consumed, so the more energy-efficient production process. In commonly used radiators, aluminum radiator has the largest metal thermal strength, so the production process is the most energy-saving. In the course of use, there are two aspects of energy saving of heating system and user's behavior energy saving. And the high heat dissipation of aluminum radiator can effectively reduce the heat medium in the system cycle, so that the system energy-saving, and thermal inertia small control good aluminum radiator can adjust the control temperature, for the behavior of energy-saving create conditions.

    So from the point of view of energy saving, aluminum radiator is the most ideal radiator.

    China's aluminum radiator according to the different manufacturing methods can be divided into five categories:

    1, die-casting aluminum radiator;

    2, Profile aluminum radiator;

    3, composite aluminum radiator;

    4, copper and aluminum composite radiator;

    5, steel aluminum composite radiator; Die-Casting Aluminum Radiator also can be called European-style aluminum radiator, is the European traditional radiator. When it is manufactured, die-casting aluminum is generally melted and cast into a single radiator, then the bottom of the vertical waterway is sealed by resistance welding, then the thread is machined and the transverse channel of the single radiator is assembled into a group. This die-casting aluminum radiator in Europe has been produced for decades, is currently the European market share the highest development of the fastest radiator. The radiator has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, large heat dissipation, less process, and is advantageous to the automation production, but it has strict requirements on die-casting machine equipment, die-casting aluminum material and die-casting operation technology, slightly careless will make the middle of the vertical channel thin wall cavity stress cracking.

    Our country produced this product five or six years ago, the real mass production is only the matter of the last two years. Profile Aluminum Radiator is China's unique radiator. When it is manufactured, the aluminum alloy is first drawn into the profile, then processed into a vertical waterway section and a transverse waterway section, and finally welded.

    This radiator has been produced in our country for more than 10 years, is a Chinese-style aluminum radiator, with easy processing, heat dissipation, thermal inertia small, high pressure advantages, but also has a general appearance, easy to smoke the top, low welding efficiency, coupled with high water quality requirements, so did not be able to get considerable development. Composite aluminum radiator is based on the European-style die-casting aluminum radiator shape and structure, the shape and structure of the complex head and tail die cast aluminum die-casting, while the pressure and heat requirements of the middle vertical waterway section with aluminum extrusions, and then the head, tail and the middle cylinder composite with the European-style die-casting aluminum radiator appearance, Wind-guided structure of the same monolithic radiator, and then connected to the group.

    This radiator was first seen in China in early 2003, it focuses on the advantages of die-casting aluminum radiator and profile aluminum radiator, with beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, large heat dissipation, small thermal inertia, high pressure, easy processing advantages; Ningbo ning Xing Jin hai Plumbing Equipment Co., Ltd. self-made innovative research and development of "O" ring and laser welding double sealed composite aluminum radiator composite patented technology, the reliability of the composite is solved thoroughly, which makes the heat-resisting and heat dissipation of the radiator significantly better than the most advanced die-casting aluminum radiator in Europe,

    and quickly received the European market recognition, through the European CE product certification and Russian GOST-R certification.