Anti-corrosion insulation pipe fittings - heat shrink sleeve
- May 28, 2018 -

Heat shrinking belt is also called heat shrink patch patch, commonly known as heat shrinkable mouthpiece, heat shrinkable opening sleeve, pipe heat shrinkable wrap sheet. The heat shrinkable tape is a covering with a separate fixing piece designed as anticorrosion of the steel pipe welding joint. The heat shrinking tape is a composite of a radiation-crosslinking polyolefin base material and a special sealing hot melt adhesive. Pipeline corrosion is a professional product.

Heat-shrink sleeves (bands) are designed for corrosion protection of preservative and thermal insulation pipes of buried and overhead steel pipe joints. They are mainly used for anti-corrosion of long-distance pipelines for oil and natural gas and welded joints of thermal insulation pipelines, and can also be used for pipelines. Flange connection, lock hoop seal anti-corrosion. Easy to install, save time and labor.

It is composed of radiation cross-linked polyolefin substrate and special sealing hot melt adhesive. Special sealing hot melt adhesive can form good bonding with polyethylene substrate, steel pipe surface and solid epoxy coating. During heating, the base layer of the shrink sleeves shrinks, the adhesive layer melts, and the tight shrinkage coats the mouth, forming a firm and continuous anti-corrosion body with the original pipe anti-corrosion layer. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance and photo-aging properties.