Application introduction of GB 9711.1 spiral steel pipe material usage
- Apr 26, 2018 -

National standard spiral steel pipe 9711.1 spiral steel pipe, 9711.2 spiral steel pipe, material classification: 16Mn Material Spiral steel pipe, q345b spiral steel pipe, L245 spiral steel pipe, L360 spiral steel pipe, x40-x80 spiral steel pipe, main use, spiral steel pipe for sewage treatment, spiral steel pipe for water purifying, spiral steel pipe for water plant Industrial enterprises with spiral steel pipe, nuclear power spiral steel pipe, the transmission of flammable fluid spiral steel pipe, the transport of non flammable fluid with spiral steel pipe, GB spiral steel pipe, oil department standard sy/t5037 Spiral Steel pipe. This product uses the hot rolling belt to make the raw material, often the temperature spiral shape, the automatic submerged arc welding craft to become, the product executes apispec5l, EN10217, gb/t9711.1, gb/t9711.2 standard.

  It is mainly used for transporting flammable fluids and non flammable fluids and steel structures in petroleum and natural gas industry.

  Theoretical formulas for helical steel tubes and various steels

  Steel calculation Formula 1, round steel per m weight =0.00617x diameter x diameter

  Spiral steel pipe weight = diameter-wall thickness * Wall thickness *0.02466

  2, steel per m weight =0.00786x edge width x Edge width

  3. Six angle steel per m weight =0.0068x to side diameter x to side diameter

  4, octagonal steel per m weight =0.0065x diameter x diameter

  5, screw steel per m weight =0.00617x diameter x diameter

  6, equal angle steel per m weight = edge width x edge thick x0.015

  7, flat steel per m weight =0.00785x thickness x Width

  8, seamless steel pipe per m weight =0.02466x wall thickness x (outside diameter-wall thickness)

  9, welding steel per m weight = seamless steel Tube

  10, steel plate weight =7.85x thickness per square meter

  11. Brass Tube: =0.02670* wall thickness per meter (outside diameter-wall thickness)

  12, Copper tube: per metre weight =0.02796* wall thickness * (outside diameter-wall thickness)

  13, aluminum pattern plate: per square metre weight =2.96* thickness

  14, the proportion of non-ferrous metals: Copper plate 8.9 brass PLATE 8.5 Zinc Plate 7.2 Lead plate 11.37

  15, non-ferrous metal sheet calculation formula: per square metre weight = proportion * Thickness

  Square tube: Weight per metre = (side length + side length) x2x thick x0.00785

  Unequal angle steel per metre weight =0.00785x Binghou (long Benquan + short edge width-Binghou)

  Steel per metre weight =0.00785x waist thickness [high +f (leg width-waist thickness)] Groove steel weight per metre =0.00785x waist thickness [high +e (leg width-waist thickness)]