Certificate of acceptance, packing, marking and quality of steel pipe
- Mar 28, 2018 -

This standard stipulates the acceptance, packing, marking and quality specification of steel tubes (including seamless steel tubes and welded steel tubes). When the product standard has the special stipulation, should according to the product standard stipulation executes. 1 Acceptance Rule 1.1 The quality inspection and acceptance of steel pipe shall be carried out by the Supplier Technical Quality Supervision Department. 1.2 The supplier shall ensure that the delivered steel pipe complies with the corresponding product standard. The demand side has the right to inspect and check according to the corresponding product standard. 1.3 Steel pipe should be submitted to the acceptance, group batch rules should comply with the corresponding product standards. 1.4 Steel Pipe Inspection items, sampling quantity, sampling site and test method, according to the corresponding product standards. By the demand-side agreement, hot-rolled seamless steel tube can be rolled by rolling the root array batch sampling. 1.5 Steel pipe test results, a failure to meet the requirements of the product standards, the unqualified should be singled out, and from the same batch of steel pipe, take double the number of samples, the unqualified project retest. If the retest results (including any of the indicators required by the project test) are unqualified, the steel tubes shall not be delivered. The following inspection items, the initial examination of unqualified, do not allow to retest: a. Low-magnification tissue has white spots; B. microstructure. 1.6 Retest results unqualified (including the initial results of the microstructure unqualified, not allowed to retest of the project) of the steel pipe, the supplier can be submitted to the root of the acceptance, or re-heat treatment (the number of re-heat treatment may not exceed two times), to the new batch of the acceptance. 1.7 If the product standard does not make the special stipulation, the chemical composition of the steel pipe is inspected according to the smelting ingredient. 2 Packing 2.1 Strapping packing 2.1.1 Steel pipe is generally used to bundle into bundles of delivery. Each bundle shall be a steel pipe of the same lot number (excluding the product standard permitted and approved). Each bundle shall not exceed 5000kg. Steel pipe with outer diameter greater than 159mm or shaped steel pipe with section circumference greater than 500mm, can be delivered in bulk. By agreement between the two sides, each bundle of steel pipe weight can be more than 5000kg, can also be small packaging delivery. 2.1.2 Steel Tube Strapping package form, as shown in Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3 and Figure 4. 2.1.3 Steel tubes are securely tied with strips or wire bundles. The number of 2.1.4 per bundle of steel tubes shall conform to the provisions of table 1. Table 1 The length of each bundle of steel pipe, m at least the number of bundled road ≤3 2 >3 but ≤4.5 3 >4.5 but ≤7 4 >7 but ≤10 5 >10 6 2.1.5 Bundle pipe end should be neatly placed. Short-length steel tubes should be individually bundled and packaged for delivery. The length of the fixed length (or length) of the steel pipe delivery, the overlap of the fixed-ruler (or not-times) of steel pipe, should be individually bundled packaging. 2.1.6 on demand side, the surface of steel pipe can be coated with protective coating (except as stipulated in 2.1.9, 2.1.10, 2.2.1, 2.2.2 and 2.2.3). Protective coating shall be corrosion resistant material. It is easy to apply and remove when applying. Protective coating materials are recommended to use the materials shown in table 2. The choice of protective coating shall be determined by the supplier. Table 2 Coating Type coating method purpose A--the soft protective agent composed of antirust agent dissolved in petroleum, cold spray, immersion or brush protection steel pipe in the short term (indoor storage for no more than three months), no corrosion, no rust C-type-hard varnish, resin or plastic coating cold spray, dip or brush protection steel pipe in transport and outdoor Store no more than six months without corrosion D--solvent medium soft film protector cold spray, dip or brush to protect the length of the steel pipe 2.1.7 each one end of the threaded steel pipe, should be screwed fittings. The threads and machined surfaces of steel tubes and their fittings shall be coated with antirust oil or other anti-rust agents. In the pipe end and the inner connector, should be screwed on the wire ring. Welded steel pipe for the low pressure fluid conveying of the thread, without screwing the wire ring. But the nominal diameter is not less than 65mm of low-pressure fluid conveying welded steel pipe (including galvanized welded steel pipe), can be screwed wire protection ring. 2.1.8 According to demand side requirements, steel pipe can be stamped at both ends of plastic protection cover. 2.1.9 wall thickness greater than 1.5mm cold drawn or cold-rolled stainless steel tube, used not less than 2 layers of sack cloth or plastic sheeting tightly wrapped, steel or wire strapping (with the consent of the demand side can also be naked strapping). The maximum weight of each bundle is 2000kg. 2.1.10 polished steel pipe, surface roughness requirements of the steel pipe, internal and external surface should be coated rust-proof or other anti-rust agent. Then use damp-proof paper with sack cloth or plastic sheeting, followed by parcel, steel strip or wire strapping. The maximum weight of each bundle is 2000kg. 2.2 Container Packaging 2.2.1 wall thickness not more than 1.5mm cold drawn or cold-rolled seamless steel tube, wall thickness not greater than 1mm welded steel pipe, surface polished hot-rolled stainless steel pipe, surface roughness Ra is not more than 3.2μm precision steel pipe, the application of solid containers (such as iron box and wooden cases) packaging.