Characteristics and application fields of steel-plastic composite pipe
- Apr 30, 2018 -

Steel-plastic composite pipe is a 5-layer one-step production, 4-layer plastic is all extrusion, inner tube extrusion, heating, coating, steel pipe, heating, packaging outside the plastic, package.

     High process requirements. Steel-plastic composite pipe, the products to seamless steel tubes, welded steel pipe for the base, the wall coating high adhesion, anti-corrosion, food-grade sanitary type polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating.

     The use of pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, leveling, finishing process made of water-plated zinc-coated composite steel pipe, is a traditional galvanized pipe upgrade products. Steel-plastic composite pipe referred to as steel-plastic pipe, it is based on steel pipe as the base material, coated plastic material, so it not only maintains the steel tube high-strength and toughness, but also has a high pressure, impact resistance, crack resistance and so on. Compared with traditional galvanized pipe, cast iron pipe, more safe and reliable, economic and environmental protection,

     In the field of water supply can be replaced by galvanized pipe and cast iron pipe. The installation method of steel-plastic pipe is similar to galvanized pipe, and the operation is simple. In recent years, steel-plastic pipe in China's developed cities have been widely used, with the country's direct drinking water projects continue to transform the city, steel pipe will gain greater market space.

     First, the steel-plastic composite pipe performance characteristics:

     1, corrosion resistance excellent resistance to a variety of concentrations of acid, alkali, salt corrosion, scaling service life rate higher than other pipe.

     2, good flame-retardant performance products used plastic raw materials additives, its flame-retardant properties in line with national standards of its steel-plastic composite structure, flame-retardant performance is better than other pipe.

     3, with strong adhesion of steel pipe inside and outside the wall through efficient shot blasting and sandblasting treatment, its coating adhesion ≥30n/10mm. 4, superior mechanical properties can withstand harsh use of environmental steel-plastic composite pipe coating toughness, high mechanical strength of steel pipe, impact bending and other external effects have a strong ability to withstand.

     The connection is convenient and strong, it can be connected with fast connection, and the card connection is very strong interchangeability.

     II. Steel-Plastic composite tubular connection mode

     1, the use of fast connection features:

     ⑴ installation, disassembly simple and convenient, improve the efficiency

     ⑵ allows 3-8 degree axial deflection, strong installation applicability

     ⑶ effectively reduce mechanical vibration and seismic effect.

     ⑷ Compensation Piping system thermal expansion and contraction, can cancel expansion joint and U-shaped pipe

     ⑸ connector diameter is consistent with pipe nominal outside diameter and pressure grade.

     2, can adopt the flange connection characteristic:

     ⑴ connection is convenient

     ⑵ fitting inside and outside wall

     ⑶ Good Sealing

     ⑷ pressure level is consistent with tubing

     3, Plug-type

     Insert the cable casing into the trench, plug into the socket pipe section, and plug the other end of the pipe section into a cable sleeve until the installation is complete.

     4. Expansion Pipe Connection

     The flared tube is placed in a trench, and the opening end of the open Mouth is aligned with the expanding port of the other flared pipe and is inserted until the opening depth.

     5. Card Buckle Connection

     In places where the seal is high, the rubber seal is enclosed in the outer side of the pipe, and then the clamp is fastened when the groove is in advance, and then the clamp is tightened with two bolts.

     Three, steel plastic composite pipe application field The application of steel-plastic composite pipe in urban construction water supply and drainage system of hot and cold pipes. Hot and cold water pipelines for residential and commercial buildings, natural gas and gas pipelines, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceuticals and other liquid pipelines. Agricultural irrigation and drainage, water supply pipelines;