Cold weather caused steel tube shrinkage Zhenglu Section water supply Supervisor Burst
- May 01, 2018 -

 Yesterday morning, is located in Wujin Zhenglu Qiang family head of a diameter of 1.6 meters of water supply supervisor burst, resulting in the day of the east of the city and water supply and blood pressure.

    It is understood that more than 8 o'clock in the morning yesterday, the villagers saw water seeping through the cracks in the road, and there was a water flow into the surrounding wheat field, so the recent Zhenglu water plant, after the scene, found that the explosion is a water from the West Stone Bridge to the triangular field booster station diameter of 1.6 meters of water supply in charge of the road. 10:40, received the repair of general water company repair personnel rushed to the scene. According to analysis, the tube is probably because of the cold weather two days, steel pipe shrinkage, the pipe weld opened.

    At noon reporters at the scene to see, repair personnel are being repaired. Changzhou General Water Co., Ltd. Pipe Network Measurement department deputy manager Lau said the company will go all out to repair damaged pipelines, do their best to reduce the impact of urban water supply.