Common materials for seamless steel tubes
- Apr 28, 2018 -

   1, Automobile tube (special for Buick car) Small-caliber high-pressure boiler pipe in accordance with domestic and foreign standards or industry standards for the production of 210C, 15CrMoG, 12CR1MOVG, t12~t91 series of steel pipe

    2, west-east gas transmission station pipeline pipe gb/t9711.2 l245nbφ1146, φ895, etc.

    3, submarine pipeline pipe api5l X52 psl2φ8910, φ114.311.1

    4, oil field pipe N80 non-regulated API 5ctφ139.77.72 J55 tubing API 5ctφ735.51

    5, Truss arm Special pipe (overall quality control) protocol standards, 20MN2B, 20MN2, φ14615, etc., used for crawler cranes crane Equipment

    6, dedicated cylinder and stent tube T91, steel 102 series High-pressure boiler tube gb5310-1995, for thermal power plant high temperature, high pressure environment

    7, tractor rear axle tube 35MnVN, crawler type Tractor's rear axle

    8, ultra-high-strength structure pipe 35CrMnsi, 30crmnsini2a for military, aircraft landing gear tube

    9, Axle tube 20mn2, φ17812, φ12719, etc.

    10, the standard J55, φ266, φ316, etc. for the highway, large hydropower station dam reinforcement

    11, the hydraulic prop tube gb/t17396-1998, 27SiMn, uses in the coal well under the operation support fixed according to the American Standard production boiler and the superheater medium carbon steel pipe tube ASTM A210, 210C, φ606

    12, automobile axle casing yb/t5035-1996, 45mn245

    13, super long heat exchanger tube 20,φ19216000-21000, used for heat exchanger

    14, fork rod with seamless pipe CR-1, φ485, used for train speed up the CR bogie cross Rod

    15, the rocket launcher with directional spiral special-shaped seamless pipe φ1232.2, mp16mn, gjb459-88

    16. Anti-seawater corrosion pipe q/cg41-1994, 10crmoa1, φ1084, φ252.5

    17, submersible motor Axle pipe Protocol Standard φ3111, φ3613.5, 40Cr, 35CrMo, 35CrMoV, for pump motor shaft

    18, Low-temperature Pipeline pipe gb/t18984-2003, 09DG, 10MnDG, 09MN2VDG, B655, for the petrochemical industry in the low-temperature environment of the fluid transportation pipeline, nuclear power plant pipe, military use of pure iron pipe DT3

    19, 710 super strong gun body tube

    20, straight nine machine tube 15cdv6

    21, boiler, heat exchanger stainless Seamless pipe gb13296-1991, 0cr18ni9ti, 0cr18ni11ti, φ1928900, etc.

    22, Periscope tube, automobile, motorcycle shock absorber with precision seamless steel tubes 10, 20, etc. 23. Suppression SAE1035 and φ1009.5.