Comparative analysis of downstream application of steel pipe and plastic pipe
- Apr 04, 2018 -

 As we all know, the steel pipe industry in China is in a serious oversupply stage. Another from the national policy-oriented view, the popularity of plastic pipe is increasing, steel pipe living space is in hand to squeeze. But from the market as a whole, as a result of the country's economic policy of "seeking for stability", with the steady advance of the new urbanization, the state's investment in infrastructure construction and green energy will increase, and the demand for steel in the construction, automobile and household appliances industries will maintain a certain growth, compared with other steel markets,

  Market demand continues to grow, with 2014 demand for steel pipe growth of about 3% per cent, and export growth of about 5%.

  Real Estate with steel pipe drop 2013 China's real estate market is picking up momentum, the national Real estate development investment 8.6013 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.8%. 2014 is expected to continue to good, real estate development investment of 9.8-10 trillion yuan, an increase of 15%-17.5%, housing new start area of 2.09 billion square meters-2.13 billion square meters, the year-on-year increase of 6%-8%, construction industry steel consumption of steel accounted for 50%, And the real estate steel also accounted for more than 50% of the construction of steel. The steel pipe of the real estate mainly refers to the galvanized pipe used for the water and coal pipe (including the fire-fighting pipe), about 7 million tons, the stainless steel pipe, the steel-plastic composite pipe about 3 million tons, the building scaffold tube adds 1.5 million tons each year, the National City water supply, the heating pipe 2.5 million tons

  It is estimated that the real estate 2014 years with steel pipe about 14 million tons, compared with 2013 will fall 18%.

  Mechanical steel pipe picked up 2013 China's machinery industry above the scale of industrial growth increased by 9.7%, the entire industry completed export delivery value of 1,785,543,000,000 yuan, an increase of 2.53%. Export growth industry, agricultural machinery increased by 9.8%, cultural office equipment increased by 8.59%, machine tools to improve 7.91%.

  The highest rate of export growth was mine hoisting equipment, which grew by 95.59%. 2013, the machinery industry consumption of steel 133 million tons, an increase of 4%. It is expected that the national economy will rebound steadily in 2014, infrastructure investment will continue to grow, and urbanization to accelerate the pace of industrialization, the demand for machinery industry has rebounded. At the same time, China's mechanical product holdings have reached a larger scale, product replacement and maintenance repair volume will rise significantly.

  China's machinery industry is expected to increase the value of 2014 more than 2013, will reach 11%, steel consumption will reach 140 million tons, an increase of 5.3% per cent, steel pipe consumption of about 14 million tons, the year-on-year increase of 12%.

  Oil and gas pipelines are flat In the case of moderate growth of the global economy, the international oil and gas market in 2014 will show a steady increase in oil demand, oil supply will continue to increase rapidly, the strong dollar to curb oil price rise three characteristics. Natural gas in China's energy consumption ratio is currently 5.3%, China's natural gas production is expected to reach 131 billion cubic meters in 2014, crude oil production will reach 220 million tons.

  Increasing the consumption of clean energy will make the oil and gas pipeline become the bright spot of steel pipe market demand, and the production of steel pipe is increasing rapidly. 2014 years of oil will be continued west-East gas transmission of the three middle, Yongtai contact line, Shaanxi-Beijing four line, Sinopec investment in the new Xinjiang Coal gas pipeline project (including new Guangdong and Zhejiang Pipeline and New Lu pipeline) is starting, its related trunk lines, feeder and ancillary pipe network will also be launched. At the same time, the construction of unconventional gas pipelines has also kicked off; the new urbanization will drive the development of urban gas pipeline network and oil product (petrol and diesel) pipe network. The 2014 domestic market is expected to land natural gas, crude oil, finished product long-distance pipeline, unconventional natural gas pipeline, City gas pipe network and finished product pipe NET pipeline pipe Total amount is 3.5 million tons, well pipe 4 million tons (which seamless pipe 3.2 million tons, welded pipe 800,000 tons), total oil special pipe about 10.5 million tons,

  It was roughly flat with the 2013 pipeline.

  Pulp pipeline demand is a new bright spot in foreign trade 2013 China Steel Tube Foreign trade made great progress, is the export of steel products (Cold plate series, Hot Plate series, pipe series), one of the export focus on Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North America. However, due to the obvious increase of trade protectionism, China's steel pipe exports will face more difficulties. Western developed countries such as the United States, the European Union, Canada for their own "re-industrialization", developing countries such as Brazil, India, Mexico to protect local enterprises, the Chinese enterprises launched a "double reverse" investigation. According to the relevant agencies statistics, the international financial crisis 5 years ago, the new countries introduced nearly 300 "beggar-thy-neighbour" trade measures.

  According to statistics, the foreign trade relief measures launched by China's iron and Steel enterprises in 2013 reached 17. However, steel pipe foreign trade situation also has a positive side. The world oil map quietly changes, the United States shale gas development success, means that its energy self-sufficiency rate greatly increased, rely on the Middle East oil supply demand has weakened; China Cnooc, PetroChina, Sinopec and other enterprises to get overseas development of new opportunities; the development of unconventional natural gas in the world, To promote the development of oil and gas pipelines in many parts of the world, in addition to the pipeline under construction, the planned pipeline length of 143,000 kilometers, of which 75% are natural gas pipelines, the future of the world's oil and gas pipeline market to leave room for development. At the same time, foreign pulp pipeline demand is also a new bright spot in foreign trade.

  For example, Wisco Wuhan Jiangbei company HFW660 Steel Pipe Factory production of X70 steel, single pipe length of 18 meters of pulp welded pipe export to Australia, applied to the Papua New Guinea slurry conveying pipeline project. According to the idea of "borrow ship to go to sea", Tianjin Steel tube Group company constructs the seamless steel pipe oil casing processing base in the United States, and makes a demonstration for our country steel pipe "going out". China's steel pipe enterprises in foreign trade is not only the export of steel pipe in kind, but also export steel pipe equipment and technology. China's steel tube exports are expected to reach 9.5 million tonnes in 2014, an increase of 5.5%. Among them, seamless steel pipe 5.2 million tons, welded pipe 4.3 million tons.