Hebei Iron and steel steel pipe line steel variety Add new ding
- Apr 21, 2018 -

Hebei Iron and Steel Group Steel Company, vanadium steel rolling plant production line steel l360m success. The rolling specifications for 16.0x1500mm, a total of rolling 12 rolls accumulated 234 tons, yield strength, tensile strength and other performance test results are all qualified, marking the steel pipe line to add new varieties.

  Up to now, the production of steel pipe line has increased to 11 varieties. Since this year, bearing steel made full use of vanadium and titanium resources, the market demand, the production of high difficulty coefficient of pipeline steel brand as the focus of research objects, and gradually explore the development of L245, L290, X60, such as a series of characteristics of vanadium-titanium pipeline steel brand. Through the use of the first vanadium micro-alloying technology, using the "lf+rh" furnace advanced equipment strength, in the steelmaking process of hot-rolled coil performance parameters optimization and adjustment to achieve product 100% in accordance with customer requirements.