Introduction to cooling of die in forging process
- Feb 08, 2018 -

Mold cooling in forging process, mold groove surface and high temperature forging blanks constantly contact, will lead to mold temperature rising, local or even higher than mold material tempering temperature, resulting in mold wear resistance, strength reduction, type groove individual uplift parts overheating, resulting in plastic deformation, so that the mold failure. This state requires cooling molds to ensure that the forging die with a certain degree of strength and hardness.

Forging die cooling method is more common useful compressed air direct injection or spray (compressed air and water mixing) cooling, spray while adding lubricant, the effect is better. Brine cooling is a relatively strong cooling, forgings in mass production can effectively cool the mold. It is a good cooling method to adopt circulating water in the mould, but the mould structure is complex, and it is generally used in the die of static deformation. It is a natural cooling method to adopt discontinuous production under the condition of forging production.