Introduction to the advantages of alloy steel tube
- Apr 28, 2018 -

 Alloy steel pipe can be 100% recycled, in line with environmental protection, energy saving, resource-saving national strategy, the national policy to encourage the expansion of high-pressure alloy tube application areas. At present, the proportion of steel pipe consumption in China is only half of that of developed countries, and the use of alloy pipe expands to provide wider space for industry development.

    According to the study of the Expert Group of China Special Steel Association alloy Tube Branch, the annual demand of high pressure alloy pipe in our country can increase 10-12%.

    Relationship between alloy tube and seamless pipe Alloy tube is the steel pipe according to the production materials (that is, material) to define, as the name implies is the alloy pipe, and seamless pipe is the steel pipe in accordance with the production process (seamless) to define, the difference between seamless pipe is a seam pipe, including straight seam welded pipe and spiral pipe.