Precautions for Storage and Procurement of Galvanized Pipes
- May 22, 2018 -

Galvanized pipe storage and procurement should pay attention to matters Galvanized pipe in people's use is very common, very common is the user's own use of the heating water pipe, galvanized pipe is coated with a layer of zinc to play a role in corrosion resistance Because of improper use of people or in wet, long-term water, the outer wall of the steel pipe will fall off a layer, this kind of steel pipe will greatly shorten the time.

The above is the steel pipe used in our daily use. What are the construction methods and construction points that should be taken into account when constructing the galvanized pipe?

The galvanized pipe is examined in detail when approaching the site, requiring a neat appearance, no rust, and no deformation; pay attention to putting the stacker neatly during stacking, and require rain-proof measures to prevent “whitening” of the galvanized pipe. Galvanized pipe threading requires a neat thread, no broken wire. The galvanized steel pipe connected with the clamp requires a special roller groover to roll the groove, and it is required to cooperate with the clamp.

You will not encounter such a situation, users must buy a galvanized pipe brand is Lida or Friends of the hair? Have you encountered this situation? Which brand of galvanized pipe must be specified by the developer, if you do not specify which steel, which brand, in general, galvanized pipe is not required brand, galvanized pipe are required to meet the national requirements Standards, called the "national standard" in line only this, the national standard can be.

The brand is only one aspect, but when purchasing galvanized pipes, the premise is to guarantee two or three conditions, that is, a good galvanized pipe.

1, the pipe is the national standard tube.

2, galvanized hot plating process.

3, galvanized layer in line with national standards. (GB thickness)