Stainless steel pipe rust, pollution reasons
- May 04, 2018 -

1. When the road construction, construction work, or all kinds of vehicles to walk, by its scattered soil sand, dust, iron powder, etc. attachment.

  2. By the automobile, the bus and so on the exhaust gas and other harmful substances such as sulfur pollution.

  3. The dust discharged by all kinds of workers, mine refuse incineration, buildings cold heating and so on, and the pollution of harmful components in exhaust gas.

  4. The corrosive gas pollution caused by hot spring zone.

  5. Contaminated by salt attached to coastal sea breezes. 6. Contaminated by cleaning liquid.

  By lines hand scale pollution.

  7. Contaminated by surface protection with mucous membranes. Stainless steel pipe products with excellent corrosion resistance, and is not easy to rust, which is as described above, it contains chromium element components. In air, combined with oxygen to form a solid surface and the formation of a layer of oxidation of the state of the skin membrane, this type of oxidation film can prevent the oxidation of steel surface (rust), and can play a protective surface effect to prevent corrosion of various corrosion factors.

  Therefore, if the film for some corrosion reasons, and is damaged, but also placed in chromium and oxygen can not be combined, so stainless steel pipe building materials will start to rust.

  However, as long as the cause of corrosion is eliminated and chromium can be combined with oxygen, it will produce the oxide film again, and restore its corrosion resistance function. Stainless steel pipe building materials, is a kind of metal not easy to rust, but not absolutely will not rust metal. Because of the use of conditions or the use of different environment, will also be contaminated and rust.

  We do not think that stainless steel pipe building materials do not rust, negligence of day-to-day maintenance, wait until pollution, rust the most serious, then panic to do clean-up measures, this measure is the most under the policy. Stainless steel pipe building materials are contaminated, rust for many reasons, however, generally, are affected by the atmosphere in the floating iron powder or harmful gases in the composition, due to adhesion, accumulation, as well as the salt in the sea breeze caused by the attachment. These attachments will gradually gather, coupled with moisture and solid, so that will destroy the stainless steel tube building materials surface of the non-oxidative film, and hinder the regeneration of the film, so the stainless steel pipe building materials will begin to rust. This rust in the initial state, it is relatively simple to clear, you can restore the original state. Even after the long-term placement, as long as the appropriate clean-up work, you can restore a slightly different appearance than the original situation. So it is clear that the rust of stainless steel pipe building materials is only the surface, not the corrosion of the material itself.

  This is fundamentally different from the rust of raw steel. Therefore, stainless steel pipe building materials will sometimes rust, but as long as often do maintenance, you can always keep the stainless steel tube building materials originally beautiful.