Steel flange for supporting PE pipe
- Aug 04, 2017 -

It is necessary to have the exact basic data of the pipe of the flange piece to determine the scale of the flange. Flange scale data concluded, to create a standard qualified flange to match the flange.

Two error requirements flange scale data determined, and then according to customer requirements in accordance with the error requirements of production, the size of the error will affect the output of the flange is not able to support.

Three raw material demand aspects are handled next to the raw material demand, according to the use of goods occasions, the raw materials on the surface is not the same, raw material demand can not be measured in accordance with the bumps to measure, but to see which kind of raw materials is the most appropriate, for example : Anti-corrosion, anti-acid, anti-alkali and so on.

Four manufacturing technology flange manufacturing technology is divided into casting, casting, steel, or coil and so on. Not the same manufacturing technology to produce the goods are very different, during which the most widely used forged flange. Forging flange stretch, compression, tensile strength should be higher than other technologies, forged flange film is not only the appearance of lubrication, and the inner layer without scars, no cracks, no slag. Loved by the vast number of users.

Five check the needs of flange production after the completion of the demand for its inspection, the data is not in line with demand, is not a failure of the phenomenon. And the inspection office to issue a corresponding inspection report.

Six symbols and labels on the flange in accordance with customer needs to print on the corresponding manufacturer logo, raw material symbol, nominal pressure and nominal diameter. All the packaging of the flange should also have the corresponding label.

Seven packaging and shipping flange packaging according to customer needs to use wooden or wooden box. To avoid unnecessary damage during transport.