The main difference between the straight seam pipe and the spiral welded pipe
- Apr 25, 2018 -

The actual production and use of different functions and differences, straight seam pipe and spiral welded pipe in the production process and the shape of a number of different. According to their own characteristics and process of production, straight seam steel pipe in use can occur different functions, the following first of these two types of steel pipe is the main difference, straight seam should have two types of steel pipe: First, the straight seam steel pipe, wall thickness is not too large common use of high-frequency continuous welding, become high-frequency straight seam welded pipe, Second, the large diameter or straight seam steel pipe through the hydraulic press will be the raw steel plate step-by-step molding, and then the use of submerged arc welding method, and then through the thermal expansion of the processing office, and then a spiral angle of the different spirals, 1 the former weld is a straight line. Small and medium diameter welded pipe consumption, the former has a greater advantage, large diameter welded pipe consumption, the latter has a comparative advantage. The maintenance of spiral welded pipe must choose the appropriate venues and warehouses. Spiral welded pipe is through the molding machine will be raw steel spiral molding, through the internal and external submerged arc welding, so as to consume different specifications of the spiral welded pipe. The site to remove weeds and all the debris, adhere to steel clean 2 warehouses should not be with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other steel corrosive materials stacked together. Therefore, under the opposite task pressure, the spiral welded pipe with uniform pipe diameter can reduce the wall thickness of the straight seam welded pipe. Different varieties of steel should be stacked separately, to prevent the muddy, prevent contact erosion 3 large steel, rail, degrading steel, straight seam steel pipe, forgings, etc. can be piled up, the treasury requirements of clear weather, rainy days to pay attention to the closed moisture, often adhere to the appropriate storage environment must pay more attention to the above Otherwise, the quality of the problem is often not spiral welded pipe quality testing of its own reasons, but careless storage loss of acceptance of internal pressure, 3 because of different weld shape. The stress relief of welded pipe seam is the 60-85% of the main stress of the longitudinal welded pipe. It can be stored in a good ventilation material shed, 2 the former each consumption of a specification of straight seam steel pipe must have a specific width of the raw material steel or steel plate; the latter uniform width specifications of the steel strip can consume different diameters of small and medium-sized steel, wire rod, steel bar, Middle caliber straight seam steel wire and wire rope, etc. But must be on the mat 5 some small steel, thin steel, steel belt, silicon steel, straight seam steel pipe, a variety of cold-rolled, cold drawn steel and high price, easy to erode metal products, storage warehouse should be stored in 6 according to the premise of the selection, generally used general blockade-type storeroom, that is, there is a roof wall, doors and windows tight, equipped with ventilation equipment