The process of SS-rkflange in stainless steel flanges
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Germany's Witten Special Steel Company invented the rkflange process, which is characterized by oxygen decarbonization under vacuum. Rkflange Oxidation of high-chromium stainless steel flange flanges for oxygen decarburization (forced decarburization) can achieve carbon oxidation higher than chromium oxidation, so rkflange is a good, suitable for special steel and stainless steel flanges of two Sub-refining process. Rkflange vacuum processing is a complex metallurgical process, characterized by vacuum, high temperature, multi-phase reaction, if the vacuum treatment process control is unreasonable (such as vacuum duration is too long, reducing the consumption of media, oxygen utilization is low, splash serious ) Will lead to some technical parameters and processing results worse, so a reasonable vacuum processing control is the key to smooth and effective rkflange processing.