The rust removal method of welded steel pipe and its importance
- May 04, 2018 -

The anti-corrosion of buried steel pipe is the key procedure to guarantee and prolong its service life, in order to ensure the combination of anticorrosion insulating layer and pipe wall, the rust-removing of pipeline is the key. Generally according to the factory time, storage transport conditions, climate humidity degree, steel pipe surface rust can be divided into floating rust, medium rust and heavy rust.

  Floating rust; The general factory date is shorter, not open storage, only on the surface of the tube has a small amount of thin rust, can be used steel wire brush, sandpaper and cotton yarn, such as manual operation that exposed metal luster. Medium rust and heavy rust: The factory date is longer and open storage or multiple transshipment and long distance, the tube surface oxidation rust, its rust spots heavier, serious people appear oxidized peel off.

  Serious corrosion of the pipeline is not suitable for the water transmission system, the medium rust pipe and large batch, can be used derusting machine or mechanical sandblasting methods such as mechanical derusting, can improve labor efficiency, reduce pollution to people and air. When the quality of anti-corrosion is high or the inner and outer walls of the pipe are corroded, the chemical derusting method can be used to effectively remove the oxide from the inner and outer surface of the tube. Regardless of the method used to remove rust, should be in addition to rust immediately after the anti-corrosion layer treatment, to avoid again by air oxidation and corrosion.