The way to ensure seamless steel tube winding and straightening
- Mar 31, 2018 -

Let now processed into products seamless steel tube has a small degree of twists and turns depends on mechanical things straightening machine to end.


So in order to eliminate seamless steel tube twists and turns, all seamless steel tubes are required to pass the cold straightening. Seamless steel tube twists and turns is due to improper rolling mill adjustment, residual residual stress during rolling and due to cooling along the pipe cross-section and length of the unequal reasons formed.


Therefore, can not be directly from the mill straight pipe, as long as through the cold straightening pipe of the twists and turns of the ability to satisfy the rules of skill conditions. Straightening the fundamental reason is to make seamless steel tube elastic plastic twists and turns, from large twists and turns to a small degree of zigzag, so the steel tube in the straightening machine is necessary to be repeated twists and turns.


The degree of repeated twists and turns of steel pipe is mainly determined by the adjustment of straightening machine. There are many factors affecting the straightening quality, such as the winding degree of the original pipe, the steel tube scale and the material straightening machine type, the adjustment parameter and so on.