Application Of Flange In Wind Power
- Mar 26, 2018 -

Wind power generation is China's key development projects, not only clean, environmental protection, good economic benefits, but also belong to renewable resources, not because of lack of resources.

In addition, China's wind power is mostly concentrated in the sea, for the establishment of the base station, must have a very solid tower pile, therefore, the role of the flange is very important. Wind energy resource is an important energy resource in our country, especially the offshore flange wind energy resource is very rich, the wind power generation flange industry shows rapid development momentum in recent years, and the prospect is very broad. The total weight of the tower pile is about 11t and the material is S355NL. The rest of the steel structure (such as ship docking platform, ladder, etc.) total weight of about 7500t. The project is currently the largest in the world for similar wind turbine flange generators. This project wind farm is located at 26km from the coast of Suffolk (Suffolk) and is composed of 140 identical wind turbines. Each wind flange generator is composed of foundation pile, transition pile and tower frame. The foundation pile and the transition pile belong to the structure of the tower tube pile. The Tower barrel pile body is welded by the flange steel plate, forming the small and large conical tube, and the interior installation of the escalator through the cabin.

The structure of the tower barrel is compact, safe, reliable, easy to maintain, beautiful in appearance and widely used. In addition, the installation of the flange of the user fixed tower barrel is difficult because of the high requirements on the fabrication accuracy, assembly error, welding quality and surface smoothness of the flange.