Application Of Steel Pipe In Concrete Structure
- Apr 01, 2018 -

For water-cooled steel pipe structure system we often see. This is the use of specially designed structural system, so that the inclusion of rust-proof, antifreeze water composition cycle, by cooling to improve the refractory parts of steel.


The closed passage, which utilizes the steel component itself to form a liquid circulation, is not a pipe. Concrete-filled steel tube is a composite column made of pouring concrete in thin-walled steel pipe.


Core concrete can prevent the wall loss of local stability and corrosion of the internal surface, steel pipe BJ to prevent the vertical compression of concrete lateral expansion, is a superior performance, simple construction of steel and concrete composite structural materials. The innovation of steel for concrete structure is very fast. The requirements for steel used in concrete structures are not only large in quantity, but are also urgently expected to keep pace with the development of the structure in terms of breed, specification and performance. The development of the concrete structure has promoted the innovation of the steel used, and it shows the new progress of the steel bars used in the reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete.