Concrete Process Of Forging Process
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Our country has developed rapidly in the industrial field in recent years, and this kind of development has brought great changes to our country's industry. People's lives have been greatly improved because of these changes. So do we know that there is a common process in industry, called forging process. This process is now widely used in some forging and mechanical engineering in our country. It is a kind of metal germ material pressure to process the way, in the metal batching processing has a great advantage.

In general, the main components of forging materials are carbon steel and alloy steel, in addition to some other alloys. In the process of forging, it often involves a very important concept called the forging ratio. The forging ratio refers to the ratio of the cross section area of the metal before deformation to the cross-sectional area after deformation. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and choose a reasonable forging ratio before forging. In addition, for the forging process, reasonable heating, temperature and heat preservation time, as well as the reasonable deformation and deformation rate for the forging of finished product quality has a very big relationship. So these indicators are all in the process of forging process need to consider the problem.

In the process of forging process, we know that drawing and making forging drawings is the first task that needs to be done. Because in this process, the forging diagram is the important basis for preparing the forging process design tool and some main tasks. At the same time in the subsequent work will become the main reference materials. In addition, we need to pay attention to the metal ingredients in the forging after the heat treatment, the main purpose of heat treatment is to eliminate the forging stress, so as to reduce the surface hardness of forged finished products, so as to prevent its deformation. In the process of forging, also need to adjust the crane wheel forgings in this process, the formation of overheating and coarse tissue. This is mainly to reduce the internal chemical composition of these tissues and metallographic structure of uneven, play a role in refining grains.