Different American Standard Stainless Steel Flange Characteristics Of The Role Of Introduction
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Flat American standard stainless steel flange stiffness and bearing capacity level is very low. In contrast, the welding flange, welding a large amount of work, high electrode consumption, can not withstand high temperature, high pressure and repeated bending and temperature fluctuations, but easy to install, you can ignore the weld to take the process of injury, more popular.

Butt welding flange: neck flange welding is usually referred to as the center flange. Its purpose is to divert the pressure pipe, thereby reducing the high concentration of the flange base. Butt welded butt welds is the best design value due to its structure itself present in the present flange. Because it is expensive, and design.

Threaded flange Nominal size: DN8 ~ (pressure: 1.0 ~ 2.5 (MPa) plate thread flange material: stainless steel. Thread flange fire, natural gas, hot water and cold water pipes, oil pipes, air conditioning, air compressors, Hydraulic pipes and other industrial and civilian pipe thread lock seal, and so on.

Flange cap is also known as blind flange, flange hole in the middle, sealed tube plug. The sealing surface is more important in the form of a plane, convex and concave and convex, groove surface, ring connecting surface.