Flange Partial Plugging Method Implementation Steps
- Aug 04, 2017 -

The implementation of the flange of the local plugging method has two main steps:

1, the overall use of fixed fixture local injection sealant: The reason for using this method is to take into account the leakage of this flange after the elimination of leakage in other places is easy to handle.

Install the fixture with a baffle on both sides of the leak to prevent the injection of the sealant from the local seal. The baffle is bolted, inserted into the bolt, the upper part is embedded with the clamp groove, and the lower part reaches the flange boss and the gasket, and the width is equal to the flange. After adjusting the clearance, press the "intermediate operation method" into the sealant and eliminate the leakage.

2, the local fixture: fixture section of the convex, both sides of the packing slot, injection sealant packing. The width of the fixture covers the outer circumference of the flange, the length of the fixture should be at least covered with a small fan on each side of the leak (between the two bolts).