Free Forging Process Of Large Diameter Flange
- Aug 30, 2017 -

1. Upsetting refers to the original material for forging, generally along the axial direction, so that the thickness becomes smaller, cross-section becomes larger.

2. Pull out, is the material to the lateral elongation, so that thinner, such a forging process, the general production of shafts, rods of the embryo.

3. Large diameter flange free forging There is a process is punching, drilling on the embryo, the hole can be through, but also unreasonable.

4. Large diameter flanges can also be bent through the process of forging, which is through the external force, the material bent to a certain angle or shape.

5. Large-diameter flange forging process and cutting, is for the embryo of the excision, this process is almost all parts of the forging are used.