Free Forging Productivity Is Low, The Processing Margin Is Large, But The Tool Is Simple And Versatile
- Aug 04, 2017 -

In the modern continuous mode of operation, the stainless steel flange will inevitably be affected by some factors, such as the media will be subject to corrosion, erosion, temperature, pressure, vibration and other factors, it is easy to leak problems. However, once the leak will give us the production of a lot of trouble. So, is there any way to avoid this situation?

In addition to the factors listed above, for the punching flange, the error in the size of the sealing surface itself, the aging of the sealing element, and the reasons for installation or operation may cause leakage. And if you can not solve the problem in a timely manner, then the role of the media and under the influence will lead to more serious leakage problems, which will bring a series of losses, such as material loss, the production environment is contaminated.

Free forging productivity is low, the processing margin is large, but the tool is simple, versatile, it is widely used for forging shape simple single piece, small batch production forging. Free forging equipment with air hammer, steam - air hammer and hydraulic press, respectively, suitable for small, medium and large forging production. Die forging high productivity, simple operation, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. Die forging the size of high precision, small machining allowance, forging the fiber structure distribution is more reasonable, can further improve the life of parts.