How To Produce Hubbed Flange?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

With neck flange products and ordinary flat welding flange products, it is not the same, generally relative to this kind of products are applicable, forging a process to carry out production, that is, first the rough forging out, and then a annealing, and finally a product waterline. There is also said the product of a flange diameter and so on this aspect of the process of processing. Such products, usually our side is a production process of the ordinary products, most of them are my skin products, this blank products, can be open storage, can also be placed in the warehouse inside the factory, because this thing is always to further deep-processing, is the surface of a layer of floating rust does not matter, because he, And the final is to reverse the bed, the epidermis to go down, and sometimes processing to two or three mm when processing to a state, so it is basically indifferent to where. Sometimes if a customer asks for a special worry, and this flange product height is not very big, we sometimes have such a processing technology, is directly with the plate to process, but the plate processing this product is actually more than the forged product, speed will be very fast, but he is very wasteful material, this principle is this, Must first for example we processing, this kind of neck butt welding flange product, its height 10, we are to find 12 or 15 of the middle plate, and then cut it into a boxy of a small box, directly to the lathe, according to the thickness of the product, The angle of the flange of the product and so on this aspect some geometrical data carries on lathe's one processing. That kind of a processing are some special anxious work, earn money? The diameter of this product can not be too large, because we know if this flange product diameter thickness height, it will be very high, the use of the plate, In general, we can not use the Bert or Saber after such a flange for product processing.