How To Tell If The Flange Is Forged Or Iron?
- Feb 14, 2018 -

Forged flange and iron flange are two kinds of good pipe products, but for consumers, the distinction between forging flange and iron flange or need some skill, only the real area apart, in order to find the right to meet the needs of the use of flange products.

Forged flange is the forging process to make flange blanks, and then processed by the machine flange, steel plate flange is the steel plate after the machine processing flange. Due to the forging process of forged flange, the internal structure of the flange is compact, which can be used in medium and high pressure conditions.

Forged flange and iron flange lines are also different, the general iron flange lines are thicker, and forged flange texture is thinner. Forged flange is on the basis of cast steel flange research and development, its strength than cast steel flanges much higher, now many pipelines and other industries are using forged flange products.