Installation And Construction Requirements Of Box-girder Bowl Buckle Steel Tube Bracket
- Apr 18, 2018 -

⑴ bracket installation must be in accordance with the construction drawing design, site topography, pouring scheme and equipment conditions to prepare the construction plan, according to the construction phase load checking its strength, stiffness and stability, after the approval of the implementation.


⑵ bracket can be installed from one end of the box beam to the other side, but also from the beginning to the two ends, the face should not open too much and should not start from both ends to the middle, should be carried out in two directions at the same time, so as to avoid the stent instability.


⑶ if the foundation is flat and solid, vertical pole base can be directly with the bottom of the pole, if the foundation is uneven or not moving solid, the bottom of the bracket should be a vertical bar adjustable base.


⑷ used for support must be inspected and qualified before use. The bottom frame of the 

⑸ bowl buckle bracket is the most critical, and the assembly quality directly affects the overall quality of the bracket, to strictly control the quality of assembly, after the installation of the bottom two horizontal rods, first check and adjust the horizontal frame of the founder and longitudinal straightness (to the curve of the stent should ensure the correct position of the bar);

The horizontal deviation of the horizontal bar is less than l/400 (L is the horizontal bar length) by adjusting the adjustable base of the vertical bar. At the same time should check the bottom foot of the vertical bar, and ensure that all the vertical pole hanging and loose; when the bottom shelf meets the erection requirements, check all the bowl buckle connectors and lock, in the erection process should be kept in mind to check the above content, and to be adjusted.


⑹ When the box girder is curved beam, the bracket can be curved by adjusting the length of the horizontal bar. 

⑺ Bracket Erection Strictly controls vertical and horizontal bar level, the vertical deviation of the whole frame shall not be greater than the h/500 (h is the vertical pole height), but the maximum is not more than 100mm; The horizontal bar level is in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph; for straight-line brackets, the longitudinal straightness should be less than L/ is the longitudinal horizontal bar total length). 

⑻ longitudinal and transverse should be set with scissors for every 5~7 root pole, each width should not be less than 4 cross and should not be less than 6m, and the angle between the ground should be controlled between the 45°~60°, in the scissors support plane vertical direction should be 3~5 arranged a group; the scissors support and the horizontal bar or the cross point of the vertical bar are all applied with the rotary fastener buckle,

When the length of the pipe is not enough, the butt fastener can be connected to the length, and the scissors brace shall be set up to the top, and the bottom of the scissors will be padded with the foundation to increase the ability of the scissors to withstand the load.

⑼ bracket should be provided with a special screw jack, which can be used for adjusting the height of the formwork and removing the die, and the top support should be tightened one by one to achieve the uniform force of all vertical poles, and the external suspension length of the top holder should not be less than 50mm, and should not be greater than


⑽ top row horizontal rod to the bottom die distance should not be greater than 600mm. The ⑾ bracket height exceeds its width 5 times times, should set the cable wind rope to fasten.