Introduction Of 65Mn In Steel For Forgings
- Feb 26, 2018 -

65Mn Steel has high hardness, good hardenability, less carbon removal tendency, low price, good cutting and other advantages, but it has overheating sensitivity, easy to produce quenching cracks, and temper brittleness, 65Mn Steel uses a wide range of main production of steel wire, steel belt, used to make a variety of small sections of the flat, round Springs, leaf springs and spring pieces. 65Mn Steel in the automotive industry, electronics, trains and other transport tools used a lot. It can make circular saw blades for high-speed cutting of various types of steel, steel and steel.

Material Grade: 65Mn American astm:1566,sea:1566 (1066) (steel composition for c=0.64%,mn=0.92%,si=0.18%,s=0.005%,p=0.017%. The crystal degree is 4~8 grade. Austenite temperature is 830 ℃) 65Mn steel is generally used after quenching and tempering, about 450 ℃ below tempering for tempering martensite, 450 ℃ above tempering is tempered sorbite.