Introduction Of Cutting Edge Mill In Forging Machining
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Forging blanks on the lathe mainly rely on the rotation of the main movement and tool feed movement to complete the cutting action. Therefore, the choice of the angle of the tool is reasonable, the angle of the vehicle blade grinding is correct, will directly affect the processing quality and cutting efficiency of forgings.

Forging in the cutting process, due to the knife's front face and knife face in the intense friction and cutting heat of the role, will make the cutting edge of the tool blunt and lose the cutting ability, only through sharpening to restore the cutting edge of the sharp and correct angle of the car. Therefore, the lathe operator should not only know the cutting principle and the reasonable choice of the angle of the tool, but also must master the sharpening skill of the lathe knife.

The blade grinding of the tool is divided into two kinds: mechanical sharpening and manual grinding, and the machine has high efficiency, good quality and convenient operation. At present, small and medium-sized forgings production plant is still commonly used by hand-grinding, so the lathe operator must master the technology of hand-grinding vehicles.

At present, the commonly used grinding wheel has alumina and sic two types, knife grinding must be based on the cutting tool material to choose the wheel.