Introduction To Flange
- Sep 07, 2017 -

Flange, also known as a flange plate which includes a joint flange or lug. As a disc-shaped part, the flange in the boiler, pipeline engineering is very common, mainly for the connection between the pipe end. Usually the practice is to connect the pipeline interface, the installation of a flange, it was also placed on the equipment import and export, play the role of connecting two devices. So, where the two planes are connected at the same time using a bolted connection at the same time the connected parts are generally referred to as "flanges".

(3.5% nickel steel), WC9 (2.25% chromium), CA6NM (4 (12% chrome steel), CF8M (carbon steel), LC3 (3.5% nickel steel), WC9 (2.25% chromium) 316 stainless steel), CN7M (alloy steel), M35-1 (Monel), N7M (Hastelloy B), CY40 (due to nickel alloy) and so on.

Flange classification: According to the overall nature of the degree can be divided into the overall flange, loose flange and any type of flange, which can be subdivided into a flat flange flange and flange welding flange; according to the shape can be divided For round flanges, square flanges and oval flanges.

Flange production process is divided into forging, casting, cutting, rolling four. Normally, the quality of the forged flange is better, usually through the forging production, the crystal structure is fine, the strength is high, the price is also more expensive than other ways to produce the flange.

Flange connection: flange thread connection (wire) flange and welding flange. Low-pressure small diameter with wire flange, high pressure and low pressure large diameter are used welding flange, different pressure flange thickness and the diameter and number of connecting bolts are different.

The main factors affecting the flange seal are: bolt preload, sealing surface type, gasket performance, flange stiffness and operating conditions.

Flange standards and use: oil, chemical use of the flange there are two types of standards, one is the pressure vessel flange standard, the other is the tube flange standard. Here the pressure vessel flange is divided into flat welding flange and butt welding flange, flat welding flange, including type A and B type. And flat welding and butt welding flange with a ring with no two rings. Tube flange is a long neck as the standard, long neck butt welding flange has a greater thickness of the neck, rigid.

The flange size is determined by the flange according to the nominal diameter and nominal pressure. Pressure vessel flange Nominal diameter with pressure vessel; Flange Nominal pressure is related to maximum operating pressure, operating temperature and material. The same nominal diameter of the container flange and tube flange size is not the same, can not be used with each other.