Introduction To The Comprehensive Performance Of Stainless Steel Flange
- Mar 14, 2018 -

Stainless steel flange with good metal performance, and has a strong corrosion resistance, is often used in steel structures, such as stainless steel flange, stainless steel flange also become rust-resistant steel flange, its metal surface is smooth, not easy with air oxidation, so often used in high-pressure water pipes and corrosion of pressure piping,


Here and you share under the excellent performance of stainless steel flange. First of all, as a metal material in the humid environment will react with the air, so as to change the original metal properties, but the stainless steel flange can be deactivated with the oxidant, the surface formation of a strong and dense chromium-rich oxide protective film Cr2O3, stainless steel flange effectively prevent oxidation reaction of further occurrence.

and other metal pipes, such as galvanized water pipe, copper tube passivation capacity is very small, this is galvanized pipe copper tube corrosion resistance is far less than the key reasons for stainless steel tubing. Then the stainless steel flange corrosion resistance performance, stainless steel flange will not be like carbon steel, such as uniform corrosion, the use of no protective coating; stainless steel flange with stainless steel flanged water pipe, no restrictions on the chemical composition, because stainless steel in a variety of oxygen content, temperature, ph and hardness of the water are very good corrosion resistance The stainless steel pipe can withstand very high flow rate, even if the flow rate is greater than 40 m/s, still maintain extremely low corrosion rate, no more than 0.003 mm/year, especially for high-rise water supply.


Stainless Steel flange tube Thermal expansion coefficient is similar to the copper pipe, is 1.5 times times the ordinary steel pipe, stainless steel flange compared to stainless steel flanged pipe fittings have a slow expansion and contraction characteristics. In addition, stainless steel flange general chemical reaction is integral, will form a layer of protective film on its surface, this is other metals can not do