Is There A Gap In The Connection Between The Flange And The Use?
- Mar 05, 2018 -

The flange does not belong to a precise part, so people in the procurement of this part of the time, for this part of itself is not high, but there are many workers in the use of this part, sometimes will find that the flange is generally used in pairs of people can be a pair of parts stitching together, the screw. This can be fixed to different pipelines, flange in the connection can play a fixed role, to prevent the pipeline because there is no connection between the parts and the shedding of clear conditions.

Although the flange does not belong to the precision of 0, | But when people use this part, they also require that the parts fit together. Sometimes because the parts in the production of the error, so the two parts docking, there will be gaps in the clear condition. In response to this situation, many people do not know whether this small gap will affect the use of products, whether it will lead to the existence of such a waiver, and the convergence of the unstable clear conditions.

In general, people use the parts of the flange to connect different pipes, so if people use the gap between the parts is not very large, and will not affect the use, as long as people will screw muddy is very stable, it will not appear, because there is a gap in the convergence, and affect the stability of products clear, So now people in the procurement of such parts, if found two parts are not equal, will produce a small gap, will be ignored, because it does not affect the performance of products, and will not affect the stability of the interface between different parts.