Main Difference Between Gear Forging And Sprocket Forging
- Oct 13, 2017 -

The main differences between gear forgings and sprocket forgings There are a few points:

1, the gear forging is the involute tooth shape, but the sprocket forging is "three arc one straight line" tooth shape.

2, the gear forging is through the gear tooth meshing realizes the transmission, but between the two sprocket forging to realize the transmission through the chain.

3. The gear forging can realize the transmission between the parallel shaft and any staggered shaft, and the sprocket forging can only realize the transmission between the parallel shafts.

4. The torque of gear forging is greater than that of sprocket forging.

5, the precision of the gear forging, the installation cost is higher than the sprocket forging.

6, the gear forging transmission structure is compact, but the sprocket forging can realize long-distance transmission.