Main Production Technology Of Elbow
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Meng Cun Pipe Fittings manufacturing technology for elbow production, has not been a clear standard, but there are many industry practices.


The development of an industry does not have its own industry standards is very scary, so we should pay attention to summing up these regular things, to promote the benign development of the industry.


Simmer Bend: Refers to the pipe into the elbow, generally refers to the hydroelectric power professional metal pipe and electric PVC threading tube;


Simmer elbow: More refers to the drainage of professional metal elbow, small pipe diameter elbow can be simmering bend; Leng/Jes: General small pipe diameter elbow can be cold bending processing to obtain, large diameter needs hot bend.


Simmer bending process generally refers to the scene completed.


Punching elbow: The majority of the works (especially the large diameter) used in the water system of the project can purchase the finished elbow, the processing method is stamping and the product consistency is good. Push elbow: In the late 80, contact with mechanical + mold Tube + medium-frequency heating method to push the steel elbow process, but it is probably not easy to control the internal and external side wall thickness, rare practical applications.