Method Of Polishing Stainless Steel Flange
- Mar 15, 2018 -

In order to improve the corrosion resistance and decoration of large stainless steel flange, it is necessary to polish the surface of stainless steel flanges, and now there are three kinds of polishing and electrochemical polishing, such as manual, Mechanical and chemical. The chemical polishing of the large stainless steel flange is the smooth surface of the flange through a regular dissolution. In the chemical polishing process, the steel large stainless steel flange surface continuously formed passivation oxide film and oxide film constantly dissolved, and the former stronger than the latter. Due to the surface microscopic inconsistency of the large stainless steel flange, the surface micro-convex position is preferentially dissolved, and the dissolution rate is greater than the dissolution rate of the sunken part, and the membrane dissolution and membrane formation always at the same time, but the rate is different, the result makes the steel large stainless steel flange surface roughness leveling, so as to obtain smooth and bright surface.

Polishing can fill the surface pores, scratches and other surface defects, thereby increasing fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance. Electrochemical polishing is also known as electrolytic polishing, electrolytic polishing is to be thrown large stainless steel flange as anode, insoluble metal as the cathode, the two poles immersed in the electrolytic groove, through direct current to produce selective anodic dissolution, so that large stainless steel flange surface brightness increased, to achieve specular effect.


        Environment-friendly electro-polishing solution Formula 1, 2 do not use chromic anhydride, phosphoric acid dosage is little, this kind of formula reduces the pollution discharge. The formula is completely free of phosphoric acid and chromic anhydride, solves the environmental problem of waste water discharge, is a brand-new type non-polluting environmental protection type electrochemical polishing agent, its technological process such as craft condition and original basic same, polishing effect is basically same, guaranteed the polishing quality. In the production process, the surface of stainless steel can easily appear some black oxide skin or micro-inequality, affecting its use value. Only by reprocessing such as mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrochemical polishing to improve their own value, the following process may be recommended for better results.