Natural Gas Steel Pipe Renovation Completed Next Year
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Gas pipeline safety work is a concern, the reporter yesterday from the city concerned departments and enterprises to understand that the city from the natural gas supply, pipeline transformation and other aspects of the work to promote gas safety supervision.


Construction of natural gas from west to east will enter Xiamen Natural gas from west to east will enter Xiamen.


Xiamen of the Bureau of Economic and Information Technology said yesterday that at present, PetroChina West-East gas pipeline is under construction, is expected to achieve the end of this year through the main body. PetroChina West-East gas transmission line through Haicang, Jimei, Tongan three districts. Xiamen Huarun Gas Co., Ltd. said that for the joint oil West-east gas pipeline into the mansion, the company is investing in new Haicang, Tongan 2 door station, and the construction of the corresponding high-pressure pipeline and the current high-pressure pipe network system connected to the final, Xiamen's natural gas supply system to form a dual-gas source, four-door station of the supply pattern.


Xiamen's future gas supply will be more secure.


Transformation of cast iron pipe will be replaced by welded steel pipe


At present, our city natural gas pipe network length reached 2200 kilometers, to this August, there are still 29 kilometers of medium pressure gas cast iron pipe network in operation. Most of these cast iron pipe nets were laid in the 90 's, and they were mostly laid under the non-motorized road.


With the rapid development of urban traffic, the original non-motorway mostly to the motorway, our city with gas from the water gas conversion to natural gas, in the dry gas, motor vehicle vibration and roller pressure, and other factors under the influence of some of the cast iron pipe interface leakage of security risks.


The transformation is to replace the cast iron pipe anti-corrosion welded steel pipe, from August to November, our city has completed about 6.4 kilometers of medium-pressure gas cast iron pipe renovation project, and strive to complete the remaining about 23 kilometers in 2015 pipeline transformation.


Monitoring will enhance online combustible gas monitoring This year, the city has been a number of municipal network and facilities for a comprehensive investigation, focusing on the pressure counter, pressure box, valve, Introduction tube, such as the inspection and leakage, at the same time to the third party Zhanya, unauthorized transformation and other hidden dangers to investigate.


Hidden trouble in the detection of 65 of the gas pipeline Zhanya hidden dangers, our city is prioritizing to rectify. In the monitoring aspect, the city also plans to install the on-line combustible gas monitoring equipment in 80 major municipal drainage drains, and realize automatic transmission, warning and alarm.