Processing And Production Method Of Flange Ring Parts
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Large flange ring parts in the wind power generation, machinery, shipbuilding, petrochemical, aerospace and many other industries in the mouth benefits have been widely used, large-diameter flange manufacturers believe that the production of large flanges ring the following methods are mainly:

1. The mode of integral die forging forming. The billet in the high temperature is forged into a cake shape, and the middle part is punched, again forging into a ring, using this method not only the material utilization is very low, the processing cycle is long, at the same time, the processing of the ring pieces often do not reach the precision requirements, with the progress and development of science and technology, the use of this method of processing large-scale ring has been gradually eliminated.

2. The way of rolling of ring parts. Ring rolling, also known as ring rolling or reaming, is the forging of the ring blanks in the High-temperature state into the rolling ring machine, the continuous local plastic forming process, which has been rolled so that the wall thickness of the ring is reduced, the diameter expands and the cross-section profile is formed, requires a large scale forging and rolling equipment, and the rolling process is subjected to statics, The coupling action of kinematics and dynamics, the rolling deformation of the ring has a high complexity, and it has some disadvantages such as difficult operation of equipment, large area of land and large energy consumption.

The rolling process has become the main production mode of large ring parts, and many researches have been done by foreign scholars. In China, the research on the rolling forming has been more and more deeply, and some achievements have been made, and the Sooomm diameter axial NC rolling ring machine, developed by Xi ' An Heavy Machinery research institute, has the characteristics of high-precision, high efficiency, large diameter and strong moment.

3, the precise bending forming way. The main process of the method is accurate bending, to the end of the head, welding groove, tailor welded into a circular flange, oversized flange ring because of its size is too large, in the overall processing and transport process will encounter difficulties, so must be segmented processing, China manned space simulator KM6 12m flange is used in this process processing method. Compared with the process of producing ring parts such as rolling, the large flange has the advantages of high production efficiency, small processing quantity, simple equipment and low energy consumption. It is of great significance to apply the bending process to the production of large flange ring parts.