Recently Released Natural Gas Pipeline Network
- Aug 31, 2017 -

The relevant departments of the state will soon discuss the release of natural gas pipeline network, it is understood that Zhangjiakou Zhang gas Co., Ltd., Chongqing Three Gorges Gas Group Co., Ltd. will become the first batch of open to the domestic pipe network company. The meeting will also discuss the downgrade of natural gas prices.

     The rapid development of China's natural gas industry is only the beginning of a new stage. From the whole natural gas upstream and downstream integration of the system engineering point of view, China's natural gas industry is still young. Compared with other mature natural gas markets, China's development into a mature natural gas market will be shorter.

     Natural gas pipeline, the natural gas (including the production of oil associated gas) from the mining or processing plant to the city valve or industrial enterprise users of the pipeline, also known as gas pipeline. The use of natural gas pipelines to deliver natural gas is the only way to deliver large quantities of natural gas on land. In the world pipeline length, natural gas pipeline accounts for about half.