Safety Requirements For Steel Tubular Scaffolding Before Take-off And Landing
- Apr 03, 2018 -

(1) The scaffold system should be inspected comprehensively. In the Take-off and landing of the first lift with the adjacent pull rod, clear the upper and lower side of the wall and landing on the foot of the turnover material, concrete slag, dust, bricks and other debris.


Check the lance of the foot hand, fastener connection is reliable.


(2) Check the lifting section of the most next floor of the outer wall cover construction, the completion of the construction can be upgraded to ensure construction safety. (3) Check whether the concrete strength of the scaffold lifting to the tarsal wall (beam and column) of the construction layer conforms to the requirements of the construction organization design. If the construction organization design has no stipulation.


Concrete strength should be greater than 15MPa. (4) Comprehensively check whether the electric lifting system is normal. The electric motor has set up one gate one to prevent the leakage protection to install the most conforms to the request, the operation direction is consistent. Power cord to be fixed with insulators, to stay sufficient length and not less than 2m, and around the ring hang, do not drag or drag the feet.


The hoisting chain must not have the card chain, the climbing chain, twists the phenomenon. (5) Check the lifting machine beam, pad block, pull rod and set the bolt installation is consistent with the requirements, whether it is reliable; hoist hook and the hope of lifting scaffold bracket bearing frame hook is correct; hook to have safety device.


Hook hang up, tighten the lifting chain, lifting light after the force can be removed from the lifting part of the scaffold on the wall through the wall bolts and temporary attachment wall knot. 

(6) Check to prevent tilt, fall safety device installation should conform to the construction organization design requirements.


The components of the safety insurance device shall be complete, intact, flexible and effective. 

(7) Electric control box operators, will be decadent by a valid certificate of electrician as, to be equipped with instruments and other tools. The shell of the electric control box should be grounded reliably, and the electrically movable electric control box is prohibited. When the electric control operator leaves the console, it must cut off the power and lock the electric control box.