Steel-plastic Composite Pipe, Large Diameter Coated Steel Pipe
- May 04, 2018 -

Steel-plastic composite pipe with hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the matrix, through the powder melt spraying technology in the inner wall (when required external wall can also) coated plastic, excellent performance. Compared with galvanized pipe, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, no rust, no fouling, smooth flow, clean non-toxic, long service life and so on. According to the test, steel-plastic composite pipe life of galvanized pipe more than three times times. Compared with the plastic pipe, with high mechanical strength, pressure, heat resistance and so on. Because the matrix is steel pipe, so there is no brittleness, aging problem. Can be widely used in water, gas, chemical products, such as fluid transportation and heating engineering, galvanized pipe upgrading products.

    Because of its installation and use of traditional galvanized pipe is basically the same, the form of pipe is exactly the same, and can replace the aluminum-plastic composite pipe in the large-caliber water transport to play a role, well received by users, has become the pipeline market, one of the most competitive products. Coated steel pipe is a large diameter spiral welded pipe and high-frequency welded pipe based on plastic coating, the largest pipe mouth diameter of 1200mm, can be applied according to different needs of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), epoxy resin (epozy) and other different properties of the plastic coating, good adhesion, strong corrosion resistance, can withstand acid, Alkali and other chemical corrosion, non-toxic, non-corrosive, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, strong penetration, smooth surface of the pipeline, do not adhere to any material, can reduce the resistance when conveying, improve flow and transport efficiency, reduce transmission pressure loss.

    Coating solvent-free, no exudate, and therefore will not pollute the transported media, so as to ensure the purity of the fluid and sanitary, in the 40 ℃ to +80℃ range can be used alternately hot and cold cycle, not aging, not cracked, so can be used in cold zone and other harsh environment.

    Large-diameter coated steel pipe is widely used in water, natural gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, communications, electricity, ocean and other engineering fields.

    Use of the classification of tubing

    First, Steel pipe Steel pipe According to its manufacturing methods are divided into seamless steel tubes and welded steel pipe two kinds. Seamless steel tubes are made of high quality carbon steel or alloy steel, with hot-rolled and cold-rolled (pull-out) points. Welded steel pipe is formed by the coil into the pipe-shaped steel to the seam or spiral seam welding, in the manufacturing method, but also divided into low-pressure fluid transport welded steel pipe, spiral welded steel pipe, direct coil welding pipe, welding pipe and so on. Seamless steel tube can be used for a variety of liquids, gas pipelines.

    Welded pipe can be used for water pipelines, gas pipelines, heating pipes and so on.

    1. Welded steel Pipe

    1.1 Welded steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe for low pressure fluid conveying Welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid conveying, made of carbon soft steel, pipeline engineering is the most commonly used in a small diameter pipe, suitable for conveying water, gas, steam and other media, according to the different surface quality, divided into galvanized pipe (commonly known as tin pipe) and non-galvanized pipe (commonly known as black iron pipes). A layer of zinc coating on the inner and outer wall is about 3%-6% heavier than that of the galvanized steel. According to its pipe wall thickness is divided into: thin-walled tube, common pipe and thickening pipe three kinds.

    Thin-walled tube is not suitable for conveying medium, can be used as a sleeve.

    1.2 Straight seam coil welded steel pipe Straight seam coil welded steel pipe, can be divided into welded steel pipe and on-site steel plate divided into the straight seam coil welded steel pipe.

    Can be made into several pipe wall thickness.

    1.3 Spiral seam welded steel pipe

    Spiral welded steel pipe is divided into automatic submerged arc welded steel pipe and high-frequency welded steel pipe two kinds. A. Spiral seam automatic submerged arc welded steel pipe According to the pressure of conveying medium is divided into type a tube and type B pipe two kinds.

    Class A pipe general use of ordinary carbon steel Q235, q235f and ordinary low alloy structural steels 16Mn welding, B-type pipe using Q235, q235f, Q195 and other steel welding, used as low pressure fluid conveying pipe

    B. Spiral seam high-frequency welded pipe spiral seam high-frequency welded steel pipe, there is no uniform product standards, general use of ordinary carbon steel Q235, q235f and other steel manufacturing.

    2. Seamless Steel pipe Seamless steel tubes are divided into hot-rolled pipes and drawing (rolled) tubes according to manufacturing methods. The maximum nominal diameter of the drawing (rolling) tube is 200mm, and the maximum nominal diameter of the hot-rolled pipe is mm. In the pipeline project, when the pipe diameter exceeds 57mm, the hot-rolled pipe is often used, and the pipe diameter is less than 57mm.

    Pipeline engineering commonly used seamless steel tube has the following three kinds:

    2.1 General Seamless steel tube

    General seamless steel pipe for short, with ordinary carbon steel, high quality carbon steel, ordinary low alloy steel and alloy structure for manufacturing, for the production of liquid pipelines or production structure, parts. Seamless steel tube According to the outside diameter and wall thickness supply, in the same outside diameter has a variety of wall thickness, the pressure to withstand a larger range.

    Usually pipe length, hot-rolled tube is 3-12.5m, drawing (rolled) tube is 1.5-9m.

    2.2 Low-medium pressure boiler seamless steel tube

    Low medium pressure boiler seamless steel pipe is made of No. 10th, 20th high quality carbon steel, operating temperature

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    Ii. Cast Iron Pipe Cast iron pipe is made of pig iron. According to their different manufacturing methods can be divided into: sand-type centrifugal socket straight pipe, continuous cast iron straight pipe and sand-type pipe. According to its use of different materials can be divided into: gray iron tube, ductile iron pipe and high ferrosilicon tube.

    The cast iron pipe is used for water supply, drainage and gas piping engineering.

    1, water supply cast iron pipe

    1.1 Sand type centrifugal cast iron straight pipe

    Sand-type centrifugal cast iron straight pipe material is gray cast iron, suitable for water and gas pressure fluid transport.

    1.2 Continuous cast iron straight tube

    Continuous cast iron straight pipe, continuous casting gray cast iron pipe, suitable for water and gas pressure fluid transport.

    2, drainage cast iron pipe Ordinary drainage cast iron socket and pipe fittings. Flexible seismic Interface Drainage cast iron straight pipe, this type of cast iron pipe with rubber ring seal, bolt fastening, under water pressure has a good flexibility, scalability. It can adapt to the large axial displacement and transverse deflection, which is suitable for the indoor drainage pipe of high-rise building.