Structure Characteristic Of Groove Butterfly Valve
- Jan 30, 2018 -

The Groove butterfly valve uses the worm to rotate, drives the cam to rotate. According to the position information before the signal device above the contact pressure, then output "tong" signal to reflect the butterfly valve on or off. Groove Butterfly valve Sealed rubber is EPDM, the upper and lower axes are made of stainless steel.

Structure characteristic of Groove butterfly valve

1, small lightweight, easy disassembly and repair, and can have any location installation.

2, simple structure, compact, 90° slewing speed.

3, small operation torque, labor-saving lightweight.

4, flow characteristics tend to a straight line, good adjustment performance.

5, open and close test times up to tens of thousands of times, long life.

6, to achieve complete seal, the gas test leakage is zero.