Test Methods For Complex Forgings
- Mar 19, 2018 -

1. Methods and steps for the inspection of complex forging lines for multiple-angle bent forgings such as multiple crank shafts, with the model and the general inspection means can not properly solve the size of the inspection, you must use the line inspection; In addition, some forgings over the poor, to determine exactly whether the scrap, but also must be determined by the line; some large forgings, due to lack of platform

, can also be used to check the force method, or sometimes the lathe for local test processing methods, the basic principle is also underlined.

(1) The general steps of the dash: 1) 淸 forging surface.

The surface of the forgings must be cleaned and the necessary grinding and leveling should be done. 2 Forging surface coating.

In order to make the crossed 淸, the forging surface is coated with a uniform coating (such as lime water, copper sulfate solution, and the Prussian blue paint). 3 Select the underlined datum.

The detailed digestion pattern and the kind, and according to each part of the forgings to determine whether to borrow material.

4) holding forgings to make it stable and reliable, when the line is drawn first, then the vertical and diagonal lines, the final stroke circle, arc and curve.

5) Check the inspection, according to the figure and check the actual check is correct, checking whether there are missing lines. 6) Hit the eye, after the general to hit the eye, for processing process preparation. The flush eye should be careful to hit the center and the intersection.

And only used in the forging test, sometimes do not flush the eye.

(2), the choice of crossed datum The line and surface that determines the datum position of the workpiece's geometry is called the underlined datum.

And when the line from the beginning of the benchmark, in order to make the line accurate, convenient and can improve the efficiency of the line, therefore, should have the following selection criteria: 1 According to the size of the drawings to choose.

In a pattern, there is always one or several benchmarks used to mark the starting size, then when the underline, you can on the workpiece with the corresponding pattern marked the datum as a plane datum. 2 to determine the basis of the shape of forgings, if there are holes in the forging, raised part or hub surface, you can use the raised part and the hub surface Center as a benchmark.

Shaft forgings are usually based on the centerline.

3 The basis of multi-directional forging, in the multi-directional forgings, you can select a direction as the datum, underline the surface of each line, and then draw the other direction of the Datum plane and line. (3) Borrow material, for the poor forgings, if there is a certain amount of margin, you can pass through the line, each part of the processing allowance redistribution, so that unqualified forgings to remedy the processing of forgings, this method is called borrow material. Properly borrow material, you can guarantee the quality of products, so that the processing of forgings have sufficient processing allowances, and prevent easy scrap, reduce waste loss.

The method of borrowing is roughly as follows:

1 Check the parts size and offset of forgings.

2 to determine the direction and size of the borrowed, and to draw the offset of the base Huai line;

3 first draw out the offset of the size, if the loan is not enough, you can adjust the baseline, until enough.