The Difference Between Slip On Flange And Welding Neck Flange
- Sep 11, 2017 -

The big difference between the Slip-on Neck Flange and the welding neck flange is that the connection of joint the flange is different. The neck welding flange is generally taken with the flange and the flange is welded. Flange is flange and docked.

1, centrifugal pump flange connection is different: with neck flat welding flange and neck welding flange in the structure of the biggest difference is that the connection with the flange connection is different, with neck flat welding flange are generally taken over Flange corner, and the neck with the flange is the flange and docking docking.

Flat welding flange can only be connected with the pipeline in general, and can not be directly connected with the butt welded pipe; welding flange can generally with all butt welds (including elbow, tee, reducer, etc.) directly connected, of course Also includes pipes.

2, centrifugal pump flange weld in different forms: flat welding of the weld can not be ray detection, and welding of the weld can be. The welded welds of the neck and the flange are welded in the form of fillet welds, and the weld welds with neck butt welds and pipes are welded in the form of welds. Flat welds are two corner welds, Butt welding is a butt weld. The difference between the flattened flange and the flattened flange without neck is that the necked flattened flange is more likely to be welded to the welded portion of the pipe than the neck welded flange, Lan is also flat flange, no flange of the boss is also flat fillet weld. The welds with neck butt welds and pipe joints are of type B seam. The welds with neck welds and pipe joints are of type C seam, and non-destructive testing after welding is not the same.

3, the nominal pressure is different: with the neck flat welding flange nominal pressure: 0.6 --- 4.0MPa, and neck welded flange nominal pressure: 1--25MPa grade, obviously, with neck flat welding flange The adaptation of the pressure level is lower.

4, with the neck butt welding flange stiffness than the neck flat welding flange stiffness, butt welding than the high strength, not easy to leak.

(SO is SLIPON abbreviation) within the large, means that the weight is small, the cost is low, and the nominal diameter is greater than the diameter of the neck, 250mm with a neck welded flange (WN is WELDINGNECK abbreviation) to detect, SO flanges do not need to detect, so the cost is relatively low.