The Difference Between The Flat Welding Flange And The Butt Weld Flange
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Flat welding flange and butt welding flange is now commonly used in some industries pipe products, the two kinds of flanges have a certain difference, flange manufacturers in the production of these two flanges, according to the different use of occasions and requirements for the design of the production.

Flat welding flange, the so-called flat welding is to plug the pipe into the flange inside the inner diameter to weld, this is flat welding, and butt welding, is not a flat flange, but a small tail, and such a small tail diameter is exactly the same as the matching pipe is the same. In use, the pipe to the small tail, welding, which is called butt welding. Flat welding Flange In the design is also flawed, flat welding flange can not guarantee no leakage.

The characteristics of flat welding flange: flat welding flange can save space, reduce weight, have good sealing performance, is a very high quality flange products, for some industrial use has played a greater role.

The butt weld flange is a kind of flange with a neck and a circular tube which is connected with the pipe. This kind of flange has the characteristics of not easy deformation, good sealing performance and wide application, and the welding flange is usually made by forging or forging rolling process. For conveying expensive, flammable, explosive medium of the pipe, the nominal pressure around Pn16mpa.

Flat welding flange and butt welding flanges are used more, excellent performance, is commonly used in the industry flange products.