Transformation Of Domestic Oil And Gas Pipeline Network To Promote The Demand Of Stainless Steel Pipe
- Mar 27, 2018 -

According to news, the State Council recently issued a circular on the issue of Energy Development Strategy Action Plan (2014-2020). The plan of action proposed that by 2020, the basic formation of a relatively sound energy security system.


Domestic primary energy production reached 4.2 billion tons Tce, energy self-sufficiency capacity remained around 85%, the oil storage and production ratio was raised to 14-15, and the emergency system of energy reserve was basically built. Energy is the foundation and impetus of modernization. Energy supply and security is the overall situation of China's modernization.


Since the new century, China's energy development achievements remarkable, the supply capacity of steady growth, energy structure optimization, energy saving and emission reduction, scientific and technological progress to take a new step, international cooperation to make a new breakthrough, build the world's largest energy supply system, effectively protect the sustainable economic and social development. At present, the world political and economic structure has been deeply adjusted, and the relationship between supply and demand has changed profoundly. With the intensification of China's energy resources, the problems of ecological environment, the pressure of adjusting the structure, improving energy efficiency and ensuring the safety of power, energy development faces a series of new challenges.


At the same time, China's renewable energy, unconventional hydrocarbon and deep-sea oil and gas resources development potential is very large, the new breakthrough in scientific and technological innovation, Energy international cooperation continues to deepen, energy development is facing a rare opportunity.


According to the principle of both land and sea area, conventional and unconventional, speeding up the production of conventional natural gas, breaking the bottleneck of unconventional gas development and promoting the rapid growth of natural gas reserves. Accelerate the exploration and development of conventional natural gas. Taking Sichuan Pendi, Ordos Basin, Tarim Basin and South China Sea as the focus, strengthening the western low grade, the East deep, the sea area deep water three fields science and technology research, enlarges the exploration and development strength, strives for obtains the big breakthrough, the big discovery, strives to construct 8 large-scale production base of tens of billions cubic meters of


By 2020, the cumulative new natural gas proven geological reserves of 5.5 trillion cubic meters, an annual output of 185 billion cubic meters of conventional natural gas. Key breakthroughs in shale gas and coalbed methane development. Strengthen the investigation of shale gas geology, accelerate the development and application of "factory" and "complete" technology, explore and develop the advanced and suitable shale gas exploration and development technology model and business model, cultivate the capability of independent innovation and equipment manufacturing. Focus on improving the reserves and production scale of Weiyuan, Chongqing Fuling, Zhaotong, Yunnan, Yan ' An and other national demonstration areas, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in such areas as Hunan, Hubei, Yungui and Jiangsu and Anhui. By 2020, shale gas production was striving to exceed 30 billion cubic meters. Taking the Qinshui Basin and the eastern margin of Ordos Basin as the focal point, increasing the support intensity and speeding up the exploration and exploitation of coalbed methane.


By 2020, the production of coalbed methane is striving to reach 30 billion cubic meters. In order to tie in with the 45 period of domestic Energy development Action plan, by 2015, the length of the operation pipeline will increase to nearly 20,000 kilometers, the new pipeline 6200 kilometers. "Thirteen-Five" period, the pipeline company will also add 7000 kilometers of pipeline.